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car driving in snowy conditions

The great British weather is as unpredictable in the winter as it is in the summer, which makes it more difficult for people who drive for a living, to prepare. If you stick to a few of our bad weather driving tips, check the weather forecast before taking any long journeys and drive sensibly, you can be a safe driver who will not be tripped up by a spot of bad weather.

Whether the weather is handing out glorious sunshine, gales or heavy snowfall, you should always make sure you and your vehicle is safe and roadworthy on the UK highways with our very handy tips for driving in the bad weather. For more information or to speak to a member of our team, contact us today. 

How To Prepare For Bad Weather Driving

The main thing about driving in bad weather is to make sure you prepare yourself and your car beforehand, by being fully equipped. If you are planning a long one-off journey or a week of trips, check the weather forecast regularly and pack what you may need if you get stuck.

Things to have in the car include proper warm clothing, maybe a torch, a windshield scraper for the ice, jumper cables, maps and sunglasses – yes sunglasses. These things may help you if you end up in a sticky spot or stuck in snow on the roads. Having all of this with you will give you peace of mind so that you can focus on safe driving.

Why You Should Inspect Your Car

Whether you are driving a small car, van or large lorry, it is a great good idea to check it over before a long journey, or when you know about bad weather.

Visually check that your tyres have no holes, nails or punctures, and are not deflated and have the correct amount of tread legally required. If you are expecting snow on your journey, make sure you take precautions with your car’s tyres. While you are at it check your windscreen wipers to make sure they are working properly and are not damaged in any way.

Make sure you have checked your oil and fluids, and that ALL your cars lights are working perfectly. If you are driving a lorry or van, make sure any goods you are carrying are secure and not banging around in the back. Another good idea is to get your car checked by your local garage for winter driving.

A Guide To Safer Driving

If you are ever in any doubt whilst driving in very bad road conditions, simply slow down and give the extra room. You should always be backing off and leaving extra room whenever the surface of the road is not usual, whether it is due to rain, snow or the bright glare of sunshine. This is because he legal stopping distances are longer.

We know as well that skidding and aquaplaning are common driving mistakes that occur during rain or snow and we see every day. Prevent this by making sure you are braking and accelerating gently and not erratically. You should not be pressing on your pedals sharply or hastily at any time regardless of the road conditions and weather.

Take Notice Of The Weather Warnings

It is easy to see if it’s raining, snowing or if the sun is in your eyes by looking out the window, but there are some weather conditions which are not so easy to spot, which you need to be aware of.

If it’s been icy or exceptionally cold in the night, be careful of black ice on the roads which you cannot see. Observe the roads in front of you and slow well down if you are unsure about the road’s surface.

Sometimes you cannot tell if the winds are strong until it is pulling you across the lanes suddenly, which can be very dangerous and a bit scary. Make sure you are aware of your surroundings. You can tell whether wind it strong by looking at any trees nearby and whether they are blowing.

car stuck in traffic in heavy rain

Garage Services Near Me

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