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Tyre Repair & Replacement Paignton

Leading Tyre Brands For Your Car Or van

Leading Tyre Brands For Your Car Or van

Tyre repair & replacement is vital to the safety of your vehicle on the roads and depending on how many miles your car covers, may need changing regularly. With so many tyre brands out there and ranges of both premium and budget tyres available, it can be a daunting task choosing new tyres for your car or van.

As specialists in vehicle tyres, our team of mechanics are more than happy to assist you with choosing the right ones for you & your driving style. We offer all sizes and makes to ensure we have the right ones to suit your needs. This makes our process quick, easy & hassle free.

Know When Your Tyres Need Changing

Checking your tyres regularly can help to ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive on the road and that your tyres are within the legal limit of tread. There are key indications that your tyres need changing for new ones, such as low tread depth, a shaky drive, any bulging or blisters and many more.

Our mechanics are able to assess your tyres for you here at our fully equipped auto centres across Devon. If your tyres are showing signs of wear & tear or are older than 10 years, our tyre specialists can replace them and have your car or van on the road and safe to drive once again.

Why Choose Us?

We are totally devoted to providing all of our services without sacrificing quality at a fair cost. Unlike many of our rivals, we only use professionally certified motor mechanics, so you can be confident that your automobile is in safe and capable hands.

We are one of the top specialised garages in Paignton and the surrounding Devon region, with many years in the trade and the combined knowledge of our motor technicians. Working to the highest industry standards, you can be certain that your car will leave one of our facilities in safe and efficient condition.

Tyre Repair Service & Worn Tyres

As one of the most significant parts of your vehicle, having tyres that are safe to drive on is vital. Wheels play an important role in grip, brakes, suspension & many other motor functions. Part worn tyres can affect the safety of your car or van considerably which is why you should have your wheels checked regularly.

Punctures or damaged wheels should be repaired as soon as possible. A flat tyre can damage your vehicle and cause further, much more costly issues for your vehicle.

We offer a comprehensive tyre repair service to get you back on the road safely. Our team of specialist mechanics can repair most punctures or replace wheels if they are beyond repair.

Categories & Labelling

Since 2012, all passenger tyres must be labelled to demonstrate that they satisfy the required high standards of safety. This label includes details on the vehicle’s performance, such as external noise, fuel efficiency, and wet grip. Ensure that they are not only legal, but also the best they can be in terms of braking distance and fuel economy.

Other Services

TPMS Sensor Valves

A malfunctioning TPMS might result in a failed MOT, therefore TPMS valves are frequently replaced. After 5 years or 100,000 miles, it’s usually time to replace it. Our knowledgeable staff is eager to assist you.

Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is critical to a vehicle’s economy, as well as your safety and comfort while driving. Wheel alignment is something that our Paignton crew is well-versed in. If your vehicle’s wheel alignment is off, it can cause uneven tread wear, making it more likely that your tyres will become hazardous sooner. It might also cause poor vehicle control and steering issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our trained and qualified experts have years of extensive knowledge when it comes to the best for your vehicle. Check out our comprehensive online search too. There you can simply enter your vehicle’s registration and view all compatible products we have to offer.

Ultimately this depends on your needs and your budget. We have a vast range available to suit everything from runflats to reinforced tyres designed specifically to cope with heavy loads. Our motor technicians are ready and waiting to offer advice on which options would be best for your car or van.

Generally it can take up to 30 minutes per tyre to change. We make sure vehicles leave safe and perform as efficiently as possible so we make sure the job is done right. Generally it can take up to 30 minutes per tyre to change. We make sure vehicles leave safe and perform as efficiently as possible so we make sure the job is done right.

Yes! We have many different sizes in stock and for many different types of vehicles. If you’re not sure, simply type your vehicle’s registration into our online product search system to see if we are able to help. Our expert motor technicians are also always on hand to help wherever possible.

Contact Us About Vehicle Tyre Services In Paignton

Our team of specialist mechanics are on hand to advise you on the best wheels for your car, van or motorbike. Contact us for more information on new tyres, wheel alignment and other services.

All inclusive, INTERNET ONLY, FITTED PRICES inclusive of fitting and VAT. By reserving your tyres online we reduce administration costs and pass these savings on to you. Tyre images shown are for illustration purpose only.

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