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Tyre Labelling Services Paignton


As of 1 November 2012, all passenger tyres sold in the European Union must be labelled with an official EU tyre label. This label contains information about three important criteria that form the basis for evaluating tyre performance: wet grip, fuel efficiency and exterior noise.

The European Tyre Label is a good indicator of basic tyre performance. However, it is far from the end of the story. Your safety and comfort demand the best performance from your tyres in all conditions and for their entire lifespan.

Which is why Bridgestone pays meticulous attention to many parameters not covered by the new label when designing, developing, testing and constructing its tyres: wet-weather handling, dry braking performance, high-speed stability, resistance to aquaplaning, wear resistance, comfort and interior noise.

In the case of winter tyres, Bridgestone also develops advanced compound and tread technologies to ensure handling characteristic, braking, acceleration and steering response at low temperatures and on snow and ice.

Together, all these criteria tell the real story behind premium tyres, and guide you in buying the suitable tyre for your driving requirements.

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