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So, the sun is out, and we are getting out & about a tiny bit more but how do you keep your car cool in summer? We have put together some handy hints to keep you and your family comfortable, with some hints such as car air conditioning will help you to be prepared. For more information, feel free to contact us

Parking Your Car

Parking your car in the right spot will greatly help to keep it cool in warm weather. Try to park in a shaded area if you can or if your out and about maybe head for a multi-storey car park where you don’t have to worry about the sun. We all know how it feels like to get in a car that’s been sitting in the sun and it’s like there is no air in the car. Taking a few steps will prevent it.

Visors And Shades

To keep your car cool in the summer, especially if you have kids in the car, visors and shades are a must. It will keep the sun out of their eyes and help to keep the car cool. Not forgetting the visors in the front of the vehicle, they are key to keep the warm sun out of your eyes and ensuring you can see the road.

Seating In Your Car

If your car has leather or vinyl seating, we all know this can get very warm in the sunlight. Try throwing a blanket over this seating in your car, it will help to reduce the heat and make sitting in the car much more comfortable.

Car Air Conditioning

Having car air conditioning is amazing and everyone that has it is so happy they do in the warmer months. Test your air conditioning as the weather starts to warm, this will help you to know if it is working and should it not be, you can contact your local garage and get your air conditioning working perfectly

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Garage Near Me 

At AMS, we provide a range of affordable garage services to suit your vehicle’s needs and along with MOT’s can be book online. Save yourself money & time and book with AMS Tyres & Autocentre.

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