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We replace the brakes on any make or model of vehicle and are in most cases able to replace your brakes same day, as we carry a large stock at all times.

Checking your brakes is an essential part of your cars maintenance schedule, not just when you have your MOT. Bear in mind that brakes wear more quickly when the car is used for shorter journeys.

Some signs that your brakes may need attention are a grinding noise which may mean the thickness of the pads are at a mininum. Also look out for a pull to the left or right when braking, as one of the brake calipers may be sticking or there may be a problem with the brake hydraulics.

We will inspect your brakes to manufacturers specification, and this covers the pads, discs and the braking system itself.

Brake Prices

All prices are inclusive of parts, labour and VAT. (Excluding Sports, High Performance, Modified, Utility, MPV’s, 4×4′s, Commercial Vehicles, Brake Discs that include Wheel Bearings, Disc and Drum Combinations, Wear Sensors or Electronic Hand Brakes). Small charge for brake consumables. AMS Autocentres reserve the right to refuse work at any time, in line with our corporate terms and conditions.

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