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Cambelt Replacement Paignton

For high quality cambelt replacement, contact the professional team at AMS Tyres and Autocentres. The cambelt is an important part of the engine and we can fit it efficiently.

Why Is Cambelt Replacement Important?

The cambelt or timing belt plays an important role in the operation of your car’s engine. If it stops functioning properly, then it can damage the vehicle engine. Therefore it is important to replace the cambelt with a new one to avoid costly damage. Call Kall Fit today for a free quote on cambelt replacement.

What Is A Cambelt?

A timing belt

A part of the internal combustion engine

Coordinates the rotation between camshaft and crankshaft

We also provide brake and clutch repairs. Contact us for details.

Cambelt Inspection

AMS recommend you request inspection of your cambelt at your next full or interim service, its easy to do and will save you money and headaches. We offer a highly competitive cambelt replacement service around the Devon area.

All prices are inclusive of parts (i.e. cam belt kit & tensioner where applicable), labour and VAT when booked online (excluding supply and fitment of water pumps, multi-cambelt engines, sports, high performance, modified, commercial vehicles with more than six cylinders or any vehicles where the engine has to be removed i.e. Fiat Coupe etc.)

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