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The Different Types Of Tyres

Different tyres are capable of different things. Additionally, the type of vehicle and purpose you have will dictate which style you choose. Cost, durability, shape and texture are some of the main differences between the different brands. So it’s important to choose the right set of tyres for your car or motorcycle.

To help you get a better idea of which tyres do what, we’ve created this useful guide

What A Tyre Does & Why Quality Is Important

To put it simply, a tyre creates friction. Rubber is a fantastic product for this. It’s malleable, extremely resilient and hard wearing. The combination of these three features means it’s the perfect material for keeping your vehicle attached to the road whilst allowing free movement and momentum. How long your tyres last, and how well they function will be directly related to the quality of the tyres you choose.

A budget tyre serves its purpose, perhaps for a hobby vehicle or a backup emergency wheel. However, we recommend spending a little bit more on a higher quality tyre for daily use. It may seem like you’re saving cost, but they tend to wear quicker. This means you’ll likely be revisiting the shop more often for replacements.

Premium Tyres

Premium tyre brands such as Dunlop or Continental offer durable and resilient tyres that don’t break the bank. They come in all sizes to fit various vehicles and ensure that your car is safely attached to the road without having to visit the garage for regular replacements. Premium sets are the most commonly purchased type because they cover such a wide range whilst providing peace of mind and longevity.


As a general rule, performance tyres are reserved for performance vehicles. If you own a sports car, visit the track regularly or are just an enthusiast, then these are for you. Brands such as Bridgestone, Pirelli and Goodyear offer some of the best low-profile high-end tyres on the market. They’re designed to optimize speed and handling.

snowy tyre on snow

Off Road

Off-road tyres are designed for all-terrain use. 4x4s and utility vehicles are best suited to this type to ensure they don’t become bogged down in the mud. Whether you’re an enthusiast or a tradesman, these will come in handy.

This style features a modified tread deeply entrenched in the tyre to create a ‘knobbly’ effect. This creates a break in slick terrains such as wet grass and mud, resulting in enough friction to create momentum where other, more standard tyres would fall short.

Contact AMS Tyres For Professional Services

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