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The Importance Of An MOT

An MOT is the annual assessment of your vehicle by a licensed professional. It’s mandatory in the UK to ensure every road user is as safe as possible. There’s a multitude of benefits that an MOT can bring, not just in relation to road safety, but to your vehicle’s health as well.

We’ve created this brief overview to help you understand the importance of annual vehicle servicing.

What Does An MOT Cover?

An MOT covers all the safety features of your car. These components are also necessary for a healthy vehicle, so there’s more than one advantage of keeping them in good working order.

  • Emissions
  • Brakes & Chassis
  • Fuel System
  • Seats & Seatbelts
  • Towbars
  • Tyres & Wheels
  • Doors
  • Mirrors
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Why An MOT Is Vital For Road Safety

The UK has a population of over 65 million people. With most households owning multiple cars, it’s estimated that millions upon millions of people are using British roads daily. That’s a scary number of potential accidents, so it’s imperative that the government enforce legislation that makes vehicle servicing mandatory. Failures within braking and steering systems directly impact other vehicles, so it only takes one in a hundred cars to miss an MOT for a crash to happen.

If you value the safety of yourself and those around you, whilst also prioritising health and longevity for your vehicle, we advise using a trusted professional for all your MOT work.

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How Can You Prepare For Your MOT?

If your car is in good health, then it’s likely it will pass its MOT with flying colours. Occasionally you may need a new brake pad or an oil change, but this will be few and far between with a car that’s in good condition. However, if you ignore essential maintenance like tyre pressure, oil checks and battery health, you could start to see MOT failures and costly bills at your garage.

We recommend you regularly check your vehicle’s fluid levels and tyre pressure to ensure that when MOT time comes, you won’t be shocked by the invoice.

Choose AMS Tyres For All Your MOTs

Book your vehicle in for its MOT with an expert technician today. At AMS Tyres we pride ourselves on clear communication, competitive prices and train professionals to ensure all work carried out on your vehicle is to an extremely high standard, at an affordable cost.

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