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Why Is Wheel Alignment Important?

Wheel alignment is important for a few reasons. Firstly, it can create extra costs for your vehicle. Unaligned wheels wear your tears down in an uneven fashion, as well as putting your suspension and rims under more pressure. This can eventually lead to damage and costly repair bills. Secondly, alignment affects handling. If your wheels aren’t aligned, they may pull to the side. This risks your passenger’s safety and makes it much harder to control. At AMS Tyres, we understand the importance of vehicle servicing. That’s why we’ve put together this list of answers to common questions.

How Often Should You Get Wheel Alignment?

Your wheels should be aligned every 2 years/6000 miles approximately. However, this is dependent on the age of the vehicle. New cars may be fine for 3 years, older vehicles on the other hand may require an annual alignment. We recommend having a professional inspect your wheel alignment at every MOT to ensure it’s up to scratch.

Who Should Carry Out Wheel Alignment?

You should take your car to a registered professional for wheel alignment. Mechanics specialising in suspension, tyres and wheel repairs will have the machinery and extensive knowledge to ensure your vehicle is driving straight and safely. At AMS Tyres, our team are fully qualified and experienced in wheel maintenance to guarantee our customers an efficient service.

Are There Regulations For Aligning A Vehicle’s Wheels

Yes, there are government regulations in place to ensure tyre health is maintained. Vehicles that are worn in specific spots are more likely to blow out and cause an accident. This type of wear and tear happens when a vehicle’s wheels are out of alignment. The highway code is put in place to ensure the safety of yourself and other road users, and wheel maintenance is an important part of adhering to it.

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Do You Need Wheel Alignment For An MOT?

Wheel alignment is not part of your MOT. However, vehicle servicing will include these types of checks. As it stands, the government doesn’t require wheels to be aligned to pass a road safety test. Although it’s not legally required, that doesn’t mean it’s not essential for the health of your vehicle and the safety of its occupants.

Get In Touch With AMS Tyres For Wheel Alignment

If you’re looking for wheel alignment, or any other type of tyre repair service, then contact AMS Tyres today. Our technicians are certified and proficient in all manner of vehicle maintenance to ensure your car runs smoother for longer.

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